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Anti-Obama march in Jerusalem

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama's shoddy treatment of Israel is getting noticed and many people in the Jewish State don't like it.
Calling on Israel to simply say "no" to US pressure to freeze settlement activity and to divide the capital, close to a thousand people rallied outside Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Jerusalem home Monday evening.

Demonstrators on Monday called upon Bibi Netanyahu to stand up to the pressure being applied by the Obama Administration to halt the natural expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. If Obama has his way, a Jewish family wouldn't even be allowed to add a bedroom to their existing house if they have a new baby and need more space. That is just ridiculous and the demonstrators are very justified.

Of course we all know that Obama's long term goal is to drive Israel completely out of it's ancestral home on the West Bank which it won fair and square during the Six Day War. The Obama would allow the formation of a hostile Palestinian state on the West Bank which would be in a position to thrust a dagger into the heart of Israel. We Americans who support Israel cannot allow that morbid scenario to happen.

The Jerusalem Post article pointed out that Israel has stood up to American pressure before.
David Ben-Gurion founded Israel in spite of American pressure... Menachem Begin destroyed Osirak in spite of American opposition, and Yitzhak Shamir rejected American demands to stop construction.
Now it's time for Bibi to follow in the footsteps of those great Israeli leaders of the past and let Obama know that Israel is a sovereign state and does not accept orders from Obama or everyone else.

Yes, Israel has been the recipient of American foreign aid, and I hope that it continues. But if Obama threatens to cut that aid off if Israel does not kowtow to him, Israel should call his bluff. Israel has one of the strongest and most professional militarizes in the whole world, and they could hold out indefinitely even if Obama were to cut them off.

And if that were to happen, Obama would surely be a one term president. In fact, he might very well be impeached by Israeli supporters in Congress. So let's see if Obama turns out to be foolish enough to try that.

And in the meantime, Israel should thumb it's nose at Obama and continue to build in the West bank.
posted by John, 5:19 PM


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