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What if government ran health care?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This video is right on. Obama’s health care plan will destroy the economy and ruin the health care service in this country. There is no way a government run program can allocate limited resources the way the free market can. The current state of health care proves the point. Government meddling in health care has only made it worse and now Obama wants to go full speed into a complete government takeover.

Get your hands off my health care!

It slaps America in the face. It rewards those that did not care/do not care about their health or their job. They get FREE health care while everyone else pays for it. It takes away our freedom to choose what we want. We will end up paying for abortions for innocent children. Obama's health care plan is a disgrace to America and everything we once believed in.

If you want to bring down health care costs, get the government the hell out of health care and let the free market take over. Unfettered market forces will force down health care costs for everybody.
posted by John, 8:10 PM


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