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Glenn Beck is on fire today

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had to laugh at news reports today that indicated that some advertisers had canceled their spots on Glenn Beck's show on Fox News Channel. When I saw that I thought that with ratings like Glenn gets, if one advertiser cancels another will take their place. And guess what, every commercial break on Glenn's show today has been sold out. That's no surprise. According to the TVNewser web site, here are yesterday's ratings among the 25-54 demographic at 5 PM Eastern when Glenn's show airs.

FNC   Beck: 734
CNN   Blitzer: 99
MSNBC   Matthews: 120
HLN   Prime: 66

Wow! Glenn Beck had more viewers than the other three networks had combined. So don't worry about Glenn. He is doing just fine and he has plenty of advertisers. Good for you Glenn. Your ratings are stunning. Meanwhile, leftist punk Chris Matthews had six times fewer viewers than Glenn Beck. And CNN did even worse than that. LOL.

Glenn Beck is a national treasure. He is right up there with Sarah Palin. Today, Beck is on fire. He is totally debunking that leftist line that the protesters at those town hall meetings are an organized mob. He showed video clips of the type of protesters who greeted President Bush and then compared that with the peaceful patriotic participants in these meetings who are trying to save this country.

With people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in the public eye, there still is hope for this country. I can just feel it. This country is waking up. The days of liberal control in Washington are numbered. And I think that a lot of liberals know that too. That's why they are doing everything they can to try to silence the American people. But I don't think that they will succeed.

If you are one of the three people in this country who don't watch Glenn Beck already, I would urge that you give him a try.

posted by John, 2:38 PM


Glenn Beck = Ratings

Why? Because he says what he thinks no matter how painful it may be. He's a loose cannon that is rather refreshing. However, the Glenn Beck from 2006 is very different from the Glenn Beck in 2009. Glenn Beck in 2009 acts like a libertarian, Glenn Beck in 2006 acted like crazed, xenophobic neoconservative. Glenn ultimately has to pick which way philosophical course he wants to stick with or else he lose in the ratings battle.

Beck has had more success as a libertarian and he should continue with that message. His purpose at Fox News is to be the libertarian loose cannon commentator. If his message shifts his ratings will go down. The reason why MSNBC is terrible and its ratings show for it is that everyone says the same things. It is one constant consistent message network-wide. Fox News had that problem during the end of the Bush Administration and their ratings took a little bit of a hit. Adding Glenn Beck and incorporating Judge Napolitano and Tucker Carlson has given Fox News much more balance to cover different viewpoints.

MSNBC dumped Tucker Carlson and the 6 PM timeslot has never reached the ratings levels that were there when Tucker was hosting his show. MSNBC has tried three different hosts at 6 PM and they have yet to match Tucker Carlson in the ratings.

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