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A good example of what would happen in the case of a Palestinian state

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We all hear the frantic calls for the creation of a so-called Palestinian state. And of course one of the main cheerleaders for that concept is none other than Barack H. Obama. So it is quite telling to read the following news report.
At least 24 Palestinians have been killed and more than 120 wounded in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip during clashes between rival Islamic militant groups.

Hamas security forces launched a fierce assault on a mosque in Gaza, and the leader of a rival Islamic group inspired by al-Qaida was killed along with many of his armed followers. Hamas officials say more than a dozen gunmen from Jund Ansar Allah, or the Soldiers of the Followers of God, were killed, as well as several Hamas policemen and an 11-year-old girl.

So is this sort of thing that we want to happen in the Holy Land? We can see the result of what is happening in the de facto Palestinian state known as the Gaza Strip. Ever since Israel withdrew from Gaza, which I opposed by the way, there has been nothing but chaos. Militants regularly fire rockets aimed at civilians in Israel, and whats more, as illustrated by this report, they are fighting among themselves causing multiple civilian casualties. But yet we continue to see calls for a Palestinian state. If you want total chaos and anarchy and violence in the Holy Land, then by all means create a Palestinian state.

Contrast the constant violence and anarchy which exists in Gaza with the democratic State of Israel. Israel is a model state with a high per capita personal income level. The standard of living in Israel is comparable to that in Europe or North America. Yet in Gaza they live and act like animals. Rival factions are shooting it out for control. In Israel, control is decided by democratic elections, not at gunpoint like it is in Gaza.

Yet there are those who want to institutionalize the current sad state of affairs in Gaza by creating a Palestinian state. And make no mistake about it, if they did create such a state and hold free elections, Hamas would win the election and then we would have the reality of a country dedicated to the total destruction of Israel existing side by side with Israel. It would be tantamount to Israel's having a sharp dagger pointed at her heart ready to strike at any moment.

And if that happened, woe be it to Israel if she attempted to take steps to defend herself against that threat. Look at what happened when Israel conducted a defensive incursion into Gaza a few months ago. She was roundly condemned as an aggressor. Accusations of war crimes were even hurled at Israel. And all that Israel was trying to do was to stop Hamas from firing deadly rockets aimed at innocent Israeli civilians.

Israel can't seem to win for losing. If she fights back and tries to defend herself, the international community criticizes her for it. But if she does nothing she continues to suffer unprovoked attacks carried out by Hamas from Gaza.

There can be no reasoning with terrorists who call for the destruction of Israel. And there can be no Palestinian state. The survival of Israel depends upon fighting Hamas, not letting them control their own country.
posted by John, 11:53 AM


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