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Mount Vernon Wash. to award Glenn Beck key to the city

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mount Vernon Washington is located in a very beautiful part of the country. You can take Highway 20 east from Mount Vernon and drive into the Cascade Mountain Range and to the North Cascades National Park. But Mount Vernon has another great distinction. It is the birth place of Fox News Channel talk show host Glenn Beck. And on September 26 the city will present Glenn with a key to the city in recognition of a local boy who has made good.

Of course, this is the same Glenn Beck whose ratings success has driven liberals bonkers. As we pointed out previously on this blog, Glenn's program has more viewers than the other cable news network shows in his time period combined. And to liberals who desire to drive all conservatives off from the airwaves, that just is unacceptable. So they have tried to organize an advertiser boycott of Glenn's program. But thankfully, the boycott isn't working. Glenn's program continues to be sold out, and his program gets more and more popular day by day.

What exactly did Glenn do to raise the ire of the lunatic left fringe? Well, he had the temerity to suggest that Jeremiah Wright's buddy Barack Obama is a racist. Never mind that George Bush was routinely called a racist and much worse. It's OK to say something like that about a Republican. But to the left, criticism of Obama is off limits.

Yes, Obama is a racist. Anyone who sat in church for many years listening to the racist rantings of Jeremiah Wright without doing anything about it has got to be sympathetic to Wright's racist views. Why else would Obama attend that church all those years? He didn't renounce Wright until he was forced to during the presidential campaign. Couple that with his appointment of a racist Latina to the US Supreme Court and you can see that Glenn Beck was 100% correct in calling Obama a racist. Good for you Glenn for telling it like it is.

Shouldn't Glenn be allowed to have his opinion and to express it, especially if he may be right? Isn't that the American way? Go ahead and disagree with Glenn if you want to, but don't try to shut him down just because you disagree with him. But that's typical of the left which is trying to silence any voices of dissent coming from conservative quarters. It's not enough that they totally control Washington D.C. They want to control out hearts and minds as well.

This is what is so scary about the left wing in this country. If you don't agree with their line, they try to shut you up. Such tactics go against everything that this country stands for, and folks, this is what we are up against.

We have an intransigent left wing that knows no compromise. They are hell bent upon turning this country into a leftist dictatorship where speech is strictly regulated. Welcome to Communist Venezuela. That is where we are headed.

All fair minded Americans must stand up and make it perfectly clear that we are not going to let the lunatic left fringe take over this country. Please patronize Glenn Beck's sponsors and thank them for advertising on Glenn's program. And if you haven't tuned into Glenn's program yet, please do. It's on weekdays at 5 PM EDT on Fox News Channel.

posted by John, 9:29 AM


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