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Public option dies in Senate Committee

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ha ha. Maybe there is hope yet. Barack Obama's plan to incrementally introduce single payer socialized medicine to this country has suffered a setback.
Democratic efforts to include a taxpayer-financed "public" health insurance option in the emerging health reform bill fell short in two crucial test votes in the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday afternoon.
There you have it. It looks like the voice of the people was finally heard. All of the protests at those townhall meetings last month might not have been in vain. But we have to keep up the pressure since the other side won't be giving up anytime soon. Obama and his friends might try to get a public option in through the back door by calling it something else such as a "coop." We can't be fooled by that.

As I have said before on this blog, the only way to fix health care in this country is to get government the hell out of health care once and for all. The schemes being cooked up by Obama and friends to get the government more involved in health care are exactly the wrong idea and they will backfire.

The government has got to get out of the way and let private health insurance companies do business. Market forces would take over in that event and medical cost inflation would be slowed. For one thing, getting government out of health care would greatly reduce the red tape and paperwork that the government imposes upon doctors and hospitals. That in and of itself would help to control costs.

Let's leave it up to doctors and their patients to decide what is best. As long as the government is involved it is a recipe for trouble. Just look at how dysfunctional Medicare and Veteran's Administration health care are. Both are run by the federal government. Need we say more?

Then we have got to get medical tort reform passed. That will be a difficult task given the fact that trial lawyers have the Democratic Party in their pocket. But as long as doctors are forced to practice defensive medicine and pay high medical malpractice insurance premiums, there will be upward pressure on medical costs.

We in the USA have the best doctors and nurses in the world, and we have the best facilities. We also spend more on health care than any other country does. Yes, there are problems, mostly rising costs. These problems need to be addressed. But what we don't need is Barack Obama's socialized medicine. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.
posted by John, 5:32 PM


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