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Rep. Joe Wilson told the truth

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Wilson was right. Obama did lie. Under Barack Obama's government takeover of health care, illegal aliens will be put on the gravy train just like the other Democratic constituencies will.
Illegal immigrants will too get health insurance under the current Democratic proposals. They’re technically not eligible, maybe–but their eligibility probably won’t be verified. And Dems have rejected amendments to require verification. (Illegal immigrants aren’t technically eligible for jobs either, but they get them.)

Obama and friends can say all they want that illegals won't be covered, but since there will be no verification of citizenship or legal residency required, the illegals will get in the back door and you and I will as usual be forced to foot the bill. So Joe Wilson was right, and he should be congratulated for standing up to a lying Barack Obama.

Of course, Rep. Wilson had to make his obligatory apology, but that doesn't matter. What matters is the truth, and Joe Wilson told the truth while Barack Obama lied.

It really hurts to have a lowdown liar like Barack Obama in the White House. Lets hope that we can change that in 2012.
posted by John, 12:23 AM


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