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The new "We Are the World"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I agree wholeheartedly with this comment posted at the iTunes Music Store by a commenter named MusicLove84.
Feb 13, 2010

The original We Are the World brought together the most talented artists of the time for a common cause. This new version, borne out of hubris and greed, features Auto Tune and rappers going yo-yo-yo over a five-year old backing track. In an effort to throw together numerous artists and cash in on a tragedy, they forgot the harmonizing that made the original distinct. In its place are many artists of questionable talent. It's a miracle Ke$ha wasn't asked to sing on this with Streisand. Next time there's a horrible natural disaster, how about we just re-release the original and let that raise money--and consign this bad remake to history along with Band Aid 1989 and Band Aid 20.
It's just another case of trying to cash in on a tragedy. The original "We Are the World" was a great thing. I remember tears coming to my eyes when I first heard it. And it was a top notch video. But this remake is noting like that.

By all means, support relief efforts in Haiti. I already have myself. But go through a legitimate bona fide charity such as the Red Cross. Leave this phony We Are the World revisited alone.

For those who are interested, here is the original and still the best "We Are the World."

posted by John, 5:25 AM


i think it's pretty fake.. everyone tried too hard to be expressive.. and the rapping part.. hm.. weird..


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