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The students who stood up for America

Friday, May 7, 2010

So apparently we have to be so damned politically correct these days that we can't even wear the American flag. Yet this is America, or at least I used to think it was, but I see Mexican flags flying all over the place, but apparently that's alright. But woe be it to the American student who has the temerity to show their love of country buy wearing the American flag.

And then we have Mexicans taking to American streets carrying Mexican flags protesting our American flag. What in the name of God have we come to?

This is outrageous!! Why must people forget that this is America and NOT Mexico. I have several friends who are from other countries, who went through the process to become citizens and are proud to be Americans now. If you come to this country then don't disrespect it, honor it and all it stands for. If you can't do that then go back to the country you are trying to get away from. If you think that country is so good yet you object to our American flag, then go back there and good riddance to you.

It is a sad day when we can't even wear our own American flag, yet it's ok to parade around in the streets carrying the Mexican flag. My ancestors fought in wars to protect that cherished flag. But now we are losing all of that to these foreign invaders who want to replace our American flag with their own.

We have got to get the illegal aliens out of our country before they turn it into a third world cesspool. Cut off all benefits to them expect for limited emergency medical treatment. Require a tamper proof ID to get a job in this country so that they can no longer work here and steal jobs from Americans. And make it illegal for them to send money out of this country. And finally stop allowing children born from illegal parents in this country to become citizens. Why reward their lawlessness with citizenship?

And don't you dare call me a racist. This has nothing to do with racism. Mexican is a nationality, not a race. Mexicans come in all races, not just one. This is about the rule of law and protecting out borders, not about race.
posted by John, 7:25 AM


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