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I support Senator Bunning

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally we have a politician in Washington who has the courage of his convictions. Senator Jim Bunning, I salute you. You are singlehandedly standing up for responsible government spending by insisting that the bill before the Senate extending unemployment benefits not be passed until a way is found to pay for it.

How refreshing it is to finally see someone in Washington stand up for the principle that runaway government spending that adds to the budget deficit must be stopped.

Yes, on the surface it might seem that extending unemployment benefits might be the right thing to do, but if we can't pay for it it will contribute to the ongoing problem of unfunded spending that will eventually bankrupt the government and destroy this country. Is this what we want? I don't think so.

And after all, unemployment benefits were never intended to be a long term solution for unemployment. Those benefits are supposed to be only temporary to hold a worker over until he or she can find another job. But if we keep extending these benefits indefinitely like many liberals want to do, there will be no incentive for workers to find another job. Why go out and work and you can kick back and feed on a government sponsored gravy train? It's just ridiculous.

Too many of the unemployed are having a ball buying beer with their unemployment benefits and sitting around watching TV when they should be out on the street looking for another job. And what of their children? Well hey, that's OK too because they get to go to school and get free meals paid for by the taxpayer, when in reality it should be the responsibility of the parents to feed their children.

If they get their way, the Democrats and the liberals will totally destroy this once great country. But it won't happen if Senator Bunning has his way. Thank you Jim Bunning. You are a great man.
posted by John, 6:04 AM


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