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The Senate Democrats will rue this day

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Apparently the Senate Democrats wanted total partisan warfare and now they've got it. They will live to rue this day and that will probably happen sooner than they think. The Republicans do not have to wait and hope for a future Senate majority in order to make retribution for what happened today, although that will surely come as well at some point.

There are plenty of tools available to the Republicans to grind Senate business to a halt notwithstanding the invoking of the nuclear option by the Democrats. If you thought things were bad in Washington before "you ain't seen nothin' yet."

The Democrats violated a time honored Senate tradition today. So now the Republicans have the chance to violate another tradition. For some time now when the national unemployment rate passed 7% it was pretty much automatic that extended unemployment benefits would be passed into law. But not this time. The Democrats violated one tradition and now the Republicans can violate another. There will be no extended benefits this time. Let a core constituency of the Democrats suffer the consequences of partisan tit for tat in Washington.
posted by John, 11:44 AM


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