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John's Blog

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Hatred of the rich

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Go to any left wing message board such as Democratic Underground or HuffPost and the anger, resentment and hatred directed at successful people is just palpable. If you worked hard all your life including working two jobs and putting yourself through college then you are the enemy. But if you are part of the half of this country that kicks back and lets productive people support you then you are exploited and discriminated against.

This might be hyperbole but it really reminds me of two eras in world history when if you were a successful productive person you either got out of the country or you were hunted down and tortured and killed. I'm talking about the French and Russian Revolutions. This really looks like the direction we are headed. And now we have Barack Obama threatening to impose a left wing dictatorship on our once great country bypassing our democratically elected congress. We are headed for some really some scary times.
posted by John, 9:50 PM


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