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Going Rougue

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah Palin's book "Going Rougue" won't be released until November 17th, but it's already a best seller.
By yesterday, the book, which was written with the help of WORLD senior writer Lynn Vincent, had already risen to the top of the bestseller lists at the two major online retailers, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, with sales that skyrocketed so quickly, it led one publishing industry source to call it “truly unprecedented.”

Not coincidentally I believe, Sarah's husband Todd has just quit his oil field job on the North Slope. (Link) I guess that it is not surprising given that his wife will be making millions off from her best selling book. In fact, she has already got a multimillion dollar advance. So Todd can afford to quit his job and spend more time with his kids and devote his attention to helping Sarah manage her writing and speaking career. He will also be well positioned to help her if she decides to make a future run at a political office.

It's just amazing how popular Governor Palin has become in spite of the fact that she has always been savaged by the liberal media. It seems that the more they dump on her the more popular she gets.

I guess that David Letterman can eat his heart out. His constant belittling of Sarah on his late night show apparently has not been very effective. And of course as we have just learned, Letterman now has his own problems. Letterman has admitted to sleeping with female staffers from his show. And remember that he is their boss. This seems like actionable sexual harassment to me. And it brings out Letterman's hypocrisy. Remember a few weeks ago when Letterman on his program joked that Sarah's daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez? Now it looks like the shoe is on the other foot and the joke is on Letterman.

Of course I am not condoning the fact that someone tried to blackmail Letterman. He did the right thing when he notified authorities about it. But I still think that Letterman is being subjected to poetic justice.

Meanwhile unencumbered by Letterman or anyone else, Sarah Palin will continue serving her country while out of political office, and hopefully she will make a run at the GOP presidential nomination in either 2012 0r 2106. She is young enough that she can be on the political scene for many years to come. Go Sarah!

Sarah Palin's Facebook page
posted by John, 3:45 PM


Palin keeps her popularity, not because she is a leader of value, but because she is a fun subject for gossip and laughs!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, November 3, 2009 at 4:14 PM  
No, it's because she is an incredle woman; intelligent, political maverick with a heart for God and her family. She struck a chord with the American people, and all the sarcasm in the world cannot spoil her image.

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