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Obama's war on Fox News

Monday, October 19, 2009

If you don't like what they are saying about you, then try to marginalize them. That is what the Obama Administration is trying to do with Fox News. Not since Richard Nixon declared war on the New York Times have we seen anything like this.

Yes, commentary on Fox news can be hard on the administration sometimes, but don't we need exposure to contrary points of view? You won't get that on either CNN or MSNBC. Both of them are in the administration's hip pocket. It's only Fox News and a few other sources such as the Washington Times who provide any type of counterweight whatsoever. In a free society we need an inquiring press, so thankfully Fox News is there to provide that roll.

Apparently, the American people appreciate having Fox News around to keep Obama and his minions honest, because the Fox News Channel gets better ratings than CNN and MSNBC do combined.

And I think therein lies the problem for the administration. Having a highly rated news organization around to provide the American people with another point of view just isn't something that Obama and friends can countenance.

These attacks on Fox news will backfire of course. The more they whine about Fox News, the more attention Fox will get and the better their ratings will be. That's just the way it is and the administration had better get used to it.

I think that eventually they will realize that their attacks on Fox News are counterproductive, and it will stop. But in the mean time, we can all get a good laugh at the administrations' foolery and incompetence.

Fox News has a huge audience. You would think that Obama would want to take the opportunity to talk to the Fox audience. But instead he his hiding from Fox. Come on Mr. President, you are supposed to be the president of all the people. Why don't you go on Fox news and engage? If your ideas are so good then go on Fox and defend them.

By the way, I provide a link to Fox News Channel's live Internet stream. The link is on this blog's side panel.
posted by John, 6:53 AM


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