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Solution to the illegal immigration problem

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Neither of our two political parties is ever going to truly secure our borders and stop the influx of illegal aliens. They will all give lip service to it but it won't happen.
We hear that a part of proposed so-called immigration reform will be shutting down the borders. Of course that's the same thing we heard when they passed Reagan's amnesty but like then it won't happen this time either. Heck, Congress won't even appropriate the money necessary to complete the border fence that has been authorized by law for several years now.
Mitt Romney had a good humane and effective self deportation plan. That is the direction we need to move in. Take some of the millions we spend on benefits for illegals and use that money to help to pay their moving expenses if they agree to go home. Plus take away all employment opportunity and all but basic humanitarian benefits such as emergency medical care to give them the incentive to want to leave.
Also do what many other countries do and limit the amount of currency that illegals can send out of this country to help support relatives at home. A lot of that money that they earn doesn't even benefit our economy because they send it out of the country.
And last but not least stop granting automatic citizenship to children of illegals born in this country. Require that at least one parent be a legal resident. We need to amend the Constitution to that effect if the courts rule it's unconstitutional. If we don't stop them from having anchor babies we will never solve this problem.
posted by John, 8:00 AM


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