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John's Blog

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Standing up for our country as we know it is not bigotry

Monday, February 3, 2014

It is not bigotry to demand that we have a unified language in the United States. If we do not have that we are no better than Third World cesspool dwellers who refuse to lift themselves up. Language is what helps us to get along. Having multiple languages just keeps people separated into different communities rather than becoming one great nation.

That Super Bowl Coke commercial was put out to make self hating white people feel good. And after all, just how good can a product be that can dissolve a nail? Think what it must be doing to your stomach.

Multiculturalism has been turning America into a slum for the past fifty years. We need to tell that Turkish CEO of Coca Cola where
to shove it.
posted by John, 6:36 PM


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